Tree in Yard

Early Spring Tree

Eifel Tower


Draw Something is game for smart phones and tablets that makes people draw in order to play the game.  This need to draw something has spawned a FaceBook page called Draw Something Fanatics.  It is here that a lot of drawings can be seen and where people who have played the game can post their drawings and receive comments and likes about their art. The drawings that are shown on DSF are absolutely amazing.  It is astonishing that people can get their drawings to look realistic using the simple drawing tools provided.  Of course, everyone who is a fanatic, including me, really tries to create the best work they can. Some drawings can be super realistic but others are more impressionistic or abstract.  The fact that you have to draw a word which may be an object, an idea, a place, a person, or something else makes you stretch your mind in order to draw an image which may be completely out of your comfort zone.  These drawings are meaningful because it requires a lot of time and thought to realize a good drawing. The work is just as authentic as any art that artists produce in any media, whether it be digital or material. There are other locations on the web for posting these drawings.  Instagram is an app for posting pictures so many of the artists post their drawings on it where they can be reposted to numerous other sites that receive photographs.  Images on Instagram are sent via # on to other members who can follow an artist and be followed.  Most of the time I feel like a detective trying to find out how these apps work.  I watch and note wheat other people are doing and then I do it too.