I am now firmly committed to drawing digitally. The drawing game of Draw Something has taught me a lot about digital drawing.  I have learned how to manipulate digital drawing tools and I have met  artists from all over the world.  However, recently there have been numerous problems with the game of Draw Something2.  Lost drawings, server crrashes,  and other issues have resulted in my becoming interested in trying out other digital drawing programs.  The app called Sketch Club is the most popular and has been recommended to me by several of my Draw Something drawing partners and Facebook friends.  It has many marvelous features and fantastic drawing tools, although the learning curve is proving to be rather slow for me. Nevertheless, the best thing about this app is that there are so many tutorials available on You Tube and within the app itself.  It also is a social app in that there is a chat feature and there are many opportunities to interact with other people who are also drawing. I have been using it a lot for my Monkey Sidebars drawings.